We offer a wide range of industrial warehouse equipment and material handling supplies to help optimize your warehouse. Add efficiency to your process with battery operated handling equipment to easily transport a diverse array of products and goods throughout your warehouse. This cost-effective solution makes it easy to get a product from point A to point B and on or off your shelves in a matter of minutes. Our battery operated handling equipment include Power Pallets, Fork Lifters, Reach Trucks, Hand Pallets and Tow Trucks along with services and spare parts. We also provide tailored solutions to problems faced by any company.


Supply of spare parts within a reasonable time is an important part of our services. Our skilled team will respond to you straightforward and frankly to minimize stoppage in production. Our well-sorted stock, as well as the carefully selected network of suppliers, ensure short times of response with the well-known quality. Also, we recommend specific spare parts packages (for wearing parts) that are individually adapted to the respective equipment. Thus, the needed components can be stored close to the material and shall ensure a smooth run of your production. Standard components are always kept in the stock so that a fast delivery is possible at all times.


We have a good quality water purifier plant to produce Distilled water.
Distillation is a process of separating the component substances from
a hard water to softer type. Distillation may result in essentially complete
separation (nearly pure components), or it may be partial separation that
increases the concentration of selected components of the mixture. Distilled
water is also commonly used to top up Lead Acid Batteries. The presence
of other ions commonly found in tap water will drastically reduce a
battery’s lifespan.