Warehousing Equipment

Hand Pallet
Most suitable for a broad range of material handling applications.Perform horizontal transport, order picking, loading / unloading and stacking. Designed for accessibility. Allow for the safe and efficient movement of goods with very little effort.

Power Pallet
The powered pallet trucks include trucks for horizontal pallet transportation. Perform loading / unloading and order picking. Fast and powerful.Safe and easy to use.

Essentially utilised to lift loads using a set of forks. Suitable for all range of material handling applications.
Designed for any type of warehouse, factory, farm, shipping yards etc.

Reach Trucks
Suitable for indoor horizontal transportation and stackings. Equally effective in chilled and cold store environments. Easily programmable. Equipped with unique safety features. Improved load handling. Sophisticated driving.

Man-up VNA Trucks
Very Narrow Aisle Trucks. Perfect for optimising storage space. High-level order picking in very narrow aisles. Offers excellent performance. Driver safety and comfort.

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