Money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you a lifted truck. And I ain’t ever seen a person sad drivin’ a lifted truck.
By ‘Earl Dibbles Jr’

How to Buy

They say that any product or service they offer is just one click away. They guarantee to pay back its price many times over in time.

My Opinion

With substantial experience, I can simply say that the products and services offered by the company are:
Economic and cost-effective. Efficient and reliable. Provide improved performance and help to beat normal output standards. Make a substantial impact towards a continued operation and growth of an industrial entity.

Services Category

The company also specialises in provision of skilled services:
Provide efficient maintenance of wide range of apparatus. Provide appropriate services and systematic maintenance. Best in quality. Efficiency is their landmark.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

Ultrasonic pest repellers are electronic devices. Emit high-frequency sounds. Designed to repel, injure or kill household pests, such as rodents and insects.

Distilled Water

Water that is without any impurities. Distillation is the process of boiling the water and condensing it. Used to top off lead acid batteries of cars and trucks. Give much better performance than simple water.

Battery Refurbishment

Batteries are associated with Vehicles, Trucks, Golf carts, Wheel Chairs, UPS, Telecom, Construction Equipment, Wind & Solar Power Systems and much more. Experienced professionals know that refurbishing a battery is a great way to extend its life. It makes a lot of sense to get economic through using old batteries and get these refurbished. The refurbishment process restores the batteries capacity up to 80%. Enable reuse of old and sulphated batteries.

Warehousing Equipment

Hand Pallet
Most suitable for a broad range of material handling applications.Perform horizontal transport, order picking, loading / unloading and stacking. Designed for accessibility. Allow for the safe and efficient movement of goods with very little effort.

Power Pallet
The powered pallet trucks include trucks for horizontal pallet transportation. Perform loading / unloading and order picking. Fast and powerful.Safe and easy to use.

Essentially utilised to lift loads using a set of forks. Suitable for all range of material handling applications.
Designed for any type of warehouse, factory, farm, shipping yards etc.

Reach Trucks
Suitable for indoor horizontal transportation and stackings. Equally effective in chilled and cold store environments. Easily programmable. Equipped with unique safety features. Improved load handling. Sophisticated driving.

Man-up VNA Trucks
Very Narrow Aisle Trucks. Perfect for optimising storage space. High-level order picking in very narrow aisles. Offers excellent performance. Driver safety and comfort.

Product Categories:

A World-Class equipment (new and old) is available on the list that specialises the specific requirement of the growing industry: